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Llamas offered for sale are fully halter trained.  We will deliver within 25 miles free of charge, for greater distances we will submit a quote at time of offering.  All llamas will be delivered with full medical records, up to date with vaccinations, deworming and toenail trimming, registration papers and properly fitting halter and lead.  We require a 50% deposit at time of intent to purchase and animals need to be picked up or delivered within 30 days. 



We have been actively involved in the llama community since 1993, and in 1996 founded Wellspring Farm. Elke is a fiber artist and uses the llama fiber for spinning and felting.



Alongwith the ever popular question "do they spit?" we are asked "what do we do with llamas".  At Wellspring Farm we use their fiber for felting and spun yarn, we hike with them, they help protect our sheep flock, we compete (for fun) in llama shows, we breed and train, we hold Open Houses.   What would you like to do with llamas?

LLAMA SHEARING SERVICES OFFERED : full body cut or show cut, electric clippers or hand shears. Toenail trimming also available. Please email the following information for scheduling and quote: number of animals, first time or have they been sheared before, type of cut, best time/day for shearing, location, where they will be shorn (ie restraining chute, shed), any necessary details or questions you may have.
Email Elke at:

Other services available:

Llama training

Farm Sitting

On farm, Llama 101 Workshops



Wellspring Farm Forrest Gump

One of the most famous residents of the farm is Forrest Gump.  He  was born 6 weeks early, couldn't stand and his  mom did not have milk.  He was tiny but stubborn.  He lived the first 2 weeks of his life in the house sleeping with the dogs and cats.  The night he opened all the kitchen cabinets and drawers he was moved into the barn.  His favorite kitty, Maggie, followed to stay his buddy for years.  On cold winter nights I would find Maggie sleeping curled up next to Forrest.   When he was 8 years old, he paid back for all we did to keep him alive, when he was the donor for a blood transfusion for our deathly ill Penelope.  One year later, Penelope is still with us, Forrest still has attitude!

Forrest passed away the end of Sept.  He will be sorely missed. 


If you would like to learn about llamas, or are interested in possibly having some llamas in your life we offer private or group Llama 101 classes on the farm.  We'll go through all you need to be prepared to be a "
llama mama", care and feeding plus medical issues, llama behavior and some hands on training with llamas.

If you already have llamas and need a helping hand in training them for a better relationship we are available to work with you and your llama on your farm.


Contact us for more information. 



Llama's are social creatures, and require the companionship of at least one other llama or alpaca.

Some llamas make excellent guard animals for sheep, goats and alpacas, but not all llamas have the ability to successfully guard.

Llamas eat pasture and hay, should be supplemented with free choice minerals, and may require grain supplementation.  Fresh water should always be available.

Gestation is 11-1/2 months (plus or minus two weeks) and cria (babies) are weaned at 6 months.  Llamas have single births 99.9% of the time.

Llamas have soft toenails that require trimming, a double coat of fiber that in many cases will need to be sheared off to prevent heat stress in the summer months.


Vanilla Smudge

It was love at first sight when I saw Vanilla Smudge at a county fair in NY State.  Vanilla Smudge started our love affair with llamas and helped create Wellspring Farm. He was trained as a pack llama, took  part in many llama shows and fathered some of our most delightful llamas.  He passed away quietly at 21 years of age.  He was a gentleman till the end and very patient with me.  He will be missed for a long time.